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B2B Supply CO Dallas a premerie cargo control supplier


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B2B Supply Co located in Dallas Texas. Centrally located for your shipping needs on a Global Basis

B2B Supply Manufacturing:

B2B Supply is a premier manufacturer of Decking Beams for Trailers, Decking Beams for E-Track, Captive Decking Beams and Shoring Beams for trucks or trailers.

B2B Supply assists trailer fleets with cargo control product solutions at our new repair facility.

Take a peek at our newly patented wide beam "The Big Top". It is the widest beam with an approved non slip surface. A 10% wider surface is an example of how B2B improves the products that carry your loads.

B2B Supply is introducing Adjust-A-Deck 2  the "new" ADD captive beam system for trailers aimed at reducing costs and improving current systems. Now you can equip your fleets with the widest beam available for less than competitive models.

Let B2B Supply keep your fleet running safely on top and ahead of your competitors. Visit Products.

B2B Supply Repair Products:

Going green and recycling is a staple at B2B. Bent beams were considered scrap and not repairable. B2B Supply developed a solid aluminum beam repair and recyle process at our cargo control products facility located conveniently in Dallas, Texas.

B2B Supply, can repair aluminum damaged E-Beams, Shoring Beams, Garment Beams, Decking Beams and Captive Beams that most fleets just throw out. Contact B2B Supply today and let us discuss this exciting new  program with you.

B2B Supply has responded to the industry time and again with newer and stronger products. B2B Supply has new standard and heavy duty wide beam products. Don't compromise the loads your drivers carry for your clients. Clients rely on your fleet to keep their loads safe and secure for delivery.

Our patented Premium E-Beam ends are standard in all of our new Heavy duty beams. Our premium ends come with a lifetime warranty.

Repaired Beams

Standard Beam !

Heavy Duty Beam !