Reducing Your Costs

For years now trucking fleets have thrown away their load bars, E-beams, shoring, garment and decking beams having to turn back to their supply source to buy brand new ones. Now B2B Supply has a new repair and restoration process available at our new facility located in Dallas, Texas.  

Don't throw those bars or beams away, contact B2B Supply today. B2B Supply can get you started on a better plan actually repairing those broken bars and re-fitting them for continued service. Your savings can be a bundle! Let us service your fleet!


Repaired sections of aluminum have 12” aluminum reinforcement to make this section of the beam stronger. We do not weld beams.

Currently our repairs include:

Captive Beams, Shoring and Decking beams for “E” or “A” Track or Posts. We replace the broken damaged ends with our patented premium ends that have a lifetime warranty. They have a special design like no other to not pinch fingers. You are assured the best quality at affordable pricing. 

We believe B2B Supply is the only major commercial aluminum beam repair center in the U.S.  If your fleet wants to save money then you need to call B2B Supply and find out more about recycling your beams to get the best value for your company. Visit our contact page for more information.