At B2B Supply, we’ve pioneered aluminum beam repair. When forklifts damage your aluminum decking beams during loading and unloading, don’t discard them—repair them! Our process saves fleets money by refurbishing most damaged beams to serviceable condition.

Here’s how it works:


Repair Expertise:

We are the company that offers aluminum beam repair. No need to throw them away; we can bring the majority of damaged beams back into service.


Cost Savings:

Refurbished aluminum beams cost significantly less than new ones. By opting to recycle your fleet’s beams and purchase refurbished beams, your fleet can manage cargo control budgets more effectively.


Customized Solutions:

Each case is unique. Contact us today to discuss your fleet’s specific needs. We’ll tailor a repair program that fits your criteria and saves you money.

Don’t let damaged beams drain your budget. Choose B2B Supply for sustainable, cost-effective solutions!